Say Wow to Colour Wow
From the best way to stop frizz to the latest shampoo to prevent hair loss, Colour Wow’s beauty breakthroughs for hair are winning awards around the world. Their formulations provide healthier ways to style colour-treated hair, better ways to style curls and the safest products for damaged hair and never-before-achievable healthy, glossy, super-shiny hair results.

Colour Security Shampoo 250ml
This shampoo’s unique 100% clean, sulphate free formula leaves no residues and creates a safe, gentle cleanser that leaves nothing behind but fresh sparkling hair and scalp.
Dream Coat Supernatural Spray 200ml
This award-winning anti humidity spray makes hair silky, supple and immune to frizz. Dream Coat spray is a super light frizz fighter that feels like nothing is on the hair. Activated by blow dryer heat, it creates a silky seal that acts like a raincoat to deflect moisture, whilst taming frizz through multiple shampoos.
Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer 350ml
This thickening powerhouse is a futuristic foam technology that you apply to wet hair and adds major weightless mass to each strand without disturbing the cuticle, so that your hair stays glossy and feels silky and super thick (even when it’s not!)
Style On Steroids - Performing Enhancing Texture Spray 262ml
Once you’ve got your hair in tip top shape, it's time to pump up the volume. Style On Steroids is a texturizing spray that delivers long-lasting big, sexy hair without stiffness or stickiness. Just spray in the volume onto dry hair.